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Who Makes Property Lines?


Neighbours are awesome. They are there for you when you need a cup of sugar, they provide entertainment for your kids allowing you to keep an eye on them from your kitchen window, and you can always count on them for a friendly greeting when out for an evening walk. However, the best neighbours come with boundaries, and that is exactly why you should know who makes property lines and why you need to know about them.


Buying a home is expensive, so why spend more money on a home inspection? Well, having a professional perform
a home inspection can actually help your wallet in the long run. You’ll improve your chances of avoiding unwanted
housewarming “gifts” – like a surprise rain shower from a broken pipe – and decrease your chances of experiencing
buyer’s remorse. Need a few more reasons for why home inspections matter? Read on!

What Are Real Estate Taxes/ Property Taxes?


Taking that first step on the real estate ladder can mean a steep learning curve when it comes to financial terms and how they affect you. One common area of confusion for those entering into the real estate market is the terms real estate and property taxes, which are often used interchangeably. So the real question is, are “real estate taxes” and “property taxes” the same?

What You Shouldn’t Do Before Closing!


The end of the home-buying process is in sight! It's only a matter of time before S-O-L-D takes over the “For Sale” sign of your future home. But don’t get ahead of yourself and make a careless error that could slow down or even kill the sale. To ensure your closing is smooth and successful, avoid the following all-too-common mistakes. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Realtor To Find A Rental?

Whether you’re looking to invest, buy or rent, the RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc. agent put their client’s
needs first.

What are the advantages of using a realtor to find a rental?

What’s More Important, Style or Location?

What’s more important when it comes to buying a home? The style and size of the house, or the neighbourhood that the home is in?

We posed this question to our RE/MAX Influencers—a panel consisting of RE/MAX Sales Associates throughout Canada—to get
their thoughts on what’s more important: style or location?


They Myth of Selling Over Asking

Bidding wars used to be a trademark Toronto strategy for home buyers. In a recent Globe and Mail article, it was revealed that home buyers are testing sellers with the strategy of low balling a property listing.

What Are The Risks of Selling a Home Yourself?


We’ve all seen the videos, read the stories, and gasped at the images of people who thought they could conquer a project that would have been better left to the professionals. There are entire Pinterest boards reserved for those who have failed, and compilation videos on YouTube.

Buy First or Sell First?

If you are a homeowner and you decide to enter the market, you’re faced with a difficult question: Especially if you’ve never sold your home before.

Do you buy your next home before selling? Or do you sell your current home before buying?

We reached out to our RE/MAX Influencers—a panel consisting of RE/MAX Sales Associates from throughout Canada—to find out their opinion on whether homeowners who are re-entering the market should buy first or sell first.

Tenant Insurance-Why You Should Get It

You finally found a rental in your price range and your application has been accepted. Horary!!! In today’s crazy rental
market in the GTA we both know it wasn’t easy. You ordered the movers, you changed the utilities on your name and
you are all set to move in. Unfortunately many forget or don’t think of one more critical step; getting tenant insurance.

About 50 per cent of renters in Canada don’t have insurance, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

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